8 best yoga poses for building strong abs – Insider

8 best yoga poses for building strong abs – Insider

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  • Yoga has proven benefits for overall mental and physical health, including strength-building.
  • A strong core can produce defined abs, improve your balance, and help you avoid injuries. 
  • Moves like boat pose, side plank, and baby locust effectively target the abdominal muscles.

There are plenty of benefits to practicing yoga — to reduce stress, support heart health, practice mindfulness, prevent and reverse bone loss, manage chronic pain — but one of the best is how well it can help build a strong core (i.e. abs).

“Yoga is great for strengthening muscles but is particularly fantastic for building core stability and developing strong, visible abs since core engagement is present in almost every yoga posture and transition,” says Tamara Teragawa, Master Trainer with YogaSix.

Certain yoga moves, like side plank and boat pose, are especially effective at building a strong core. Plus, almost anyone can do them, whether you’re an older adult looking to improve your balance and avoid injury, or you just want to build and define your core.

Below are the eight best yoga poses for building strong abs, as recommended by professional yoga instructors, and how to do them correctly.

1. Side plank (Vasisthasana)

Side plank is an excellent move for working on core endurance.

Tamara Teragawa

Registered yoga instructor, Claire Marie Larson, recommends side plank as a great exercise for core endurance. Julie Granger, a yoga instructor and founder of The Studio Paris, agrees, saying that this position is great for targeting your obliques.

How to do it:

1. To get into position, start in a regular plank and move your supporting hands closer to the center of your mat. 

2. Then, move your feet closer to each other. 

3. Roll your body to the right so you’re resting on the outside edge of your lower foot.

4. Move your left hand off the mat and raise it toward the ceiling.

5. Lower your right forearm to rest on the ground, making sure your shoulder is in line with your wrist. 

6. Turn your neck toward your lifted arm and gaze up at the ceiling.

7. Try to hold the position for a few breath cycles, then repeat on your other side.

Quick Tip: Larson recommends aiming to hold each pose for 3-5 breaths. Breathe slowly, and be sure to take full inhales and exhales. 

2. Triangle pose (Trikonasana)

Triangle pose helps strengthen your core and ab …….

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